Yoga Nidra Benefits

Release Stress/Balance with Relaxation

yoga-nidraWe exist in a highly technological, highly anxious world, always striving to do more, have more and be more. Stress is the biggest and most common problem in today’s world. Our current lifestyle has us on the go continually, this is creating tension in the body and mind. Unresolved tension is stress. If we allow this tension to live in our body and mind we open the door to disease, depression, insomnia, addiction……. Stress can rob us of our joy and make us feel disconnected from our True Selves. Stress is the cause and relaxation is the answer. This tension in the body and mind needs to be balanced with relaxation.

  • Yoga Nidra helps prevents stress and stress-related disorders. Yoga Nidra helps us disengage from addictive patterns that create stress.
  • Yoga Nidra relaxes and trains the mind. Allowing the subconscious mind to be reprogrammed, bringing joy back into our life.
  • Yoga Nidra awakens creativity. Creativity opens within us when we are relaxed and have a calm mind.
  • 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as beneficial as 3 hours of sleep. Our body restores and heals during sleep. When the sleep is conscious as in Yoga Nidra the body is asleep while the mind is alert and aware. Healing takes place without any effort.
  • 11 hours of Yoga Nidra changes the chemistry of the brain. The more often we do yoga Nidra the better the results…release the stress….addictions and negative behaviours fall away on their own. That’s whats so beautiful about Yoga Nidra it happens effortlessly without us having to do anything.
  • Yoga Nidra connects us with our True Self. Yoga Nidra takes us from outside the body and deeper into the body. In this relaxed state we are no longer attached to body and mind (thinking and doing) we are at a state of feeling and being, thus giving us the ability to hear our intuitive guidance. Allowing ourselves to be guided by a higher power that knows All.
Yoga Nidra...Yoga anyone can do. It's done lying down in a comfortable position and listening and responding to meditative guidance. It can also be done sitting in a chair with your spine straight
Yoga Nidra…Yoga anyone can do.
It’s done lying down in a comfortable position and listening and responding to meditative guidance.
It can also be done sitting in a chair with the spine straight.

What is Kundalini Energy or Kundalini Awakening?

img_2613Kundalini is the most powerful energy in the universe to move you towards spiritual enlightenment. Kundalini is a female (Shakti) energy coiled up like a serpent at the base of the spine. When this kundalini is awakened it’s energy rises up from the base of the spine piercing through the energy centres in the body (chakras). According to the Yogis, kundalini2“there are two nerve currents in the spinal column, called Pingala and Ida, and a hollow canal called Sushumna running through the spinal cord. At the lower end of the hollow canal there is a coiled up kundalini energy they describe it as triangular in form when that kundalini awakes, it tries to force a passage through this hollow canal, and as it rises step by step, layer after layer of the mind becomes open and all the different visions and wonderful powers come to the Yogi. When it reaches the brain, you could find yourself detached from the body and mind and the soul finds itself free”.

img_2611We all have this Kundalini energy in us but most are not aware of it, it’s asleep and waiting to be awakened. You can awaken this kundalini energy through meditation, breath exercises, yoga or by the presence or touch of an enlightened teacher.

Kundalini energy can wake up slowly over time through daily practice or it can spring up quickly like it did in my case…totally unexpected through intensive breath works and in the presence of an enlightened teacher. (click link to read about my awakening)

Once awakened your life will not be the same….we still have free will and choice but you may find yourself desiring a completely different life than you once thought. I believe our desires and dreams come from God…that Divine, all knowing being that lives within us. After kundalini energy is awakened your intuition may be stronger urging you towards a spiritual life of service. When we listen to the prompting of Spirit our lives become joyful…we begin living our life on purpose….our journey to truth begins. If we resist the promptings of Spirit and stay in self defeating habits…resisting change, we live in fear expecting change to happen outside of us. Self-realization and self-discovery is a spiritual path everyone will eventually journey towards……leading us from darkness to the Light.IMG_0575

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga means Union….Nidra means sleep…..combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation.




Sleep plays an important role in your health. Sleep is involved in healing and repairing the body and mind. Many people suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression and numerous of other ailments…..creating stress in everyday life. This stress creates excess tension in the body and mind and needs to be rebalanced with relaxation….for absolute relaxation you must remain aware. In Yoga Nidra we do not fall asleep but stay at that edge of sleep and consciously aware. The body is asleep but the mind is alert and responding. 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep.


amrit-yogaYoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation technique that guides you into a deep relaxed state. It is done lying down or you can sit in a chair with your spine straight….. getting yourself as comfortable as you possibly can. In meditation your temperature may drop so you may want to cover yourself with a blanket… may also want an eye pillow or eye mask to ensure inward focus. Each technique progressively moves your awareness from outside the body and deeper into the body. In this relaxed state you are no longer attached to body and mind (thinking and doing) you are at a state of feeling and being, thus giving you the ability to hear your intuitive guidance.

Devanni’s Story


About 5 years ago under a lot of stress and on the brink of divorce I discovered Yoga Nidra. Unresolved tension created chaos in my mind, I gave my power away to others as I didn’t know how to move forward on my own. Healing came with Yoga Nidra. Yogi Amrit Desai and Kamini Desai came to Kelowna BC where I was living at the time. 5 day Yoga Nidra immersion was enough to begin change in my life…they became my teachers.

Deep in the Ocala forest in Salt Springs Florida is the home of Amrit Yoga Institute and home of Yogi Amrit Desai….a Guru who came to America from India in the early 60’s to bring the authentic practices of Yoga to the West. After yoga teacher training graduation I was encouraged to stay and immerse myself in the yoga lifestyle. A total of 8 months over the next 2 years……eating, breathing, living yoga along with others with the same intention….personal growth and transformation. Now I was ready to bring Yoga and Yoga Nidra to my community and the world. I feel immense gratitude for this experience as I go into the world and share what it is I learned…spread the good news….we can transform our lives….as we take time to let go and go inside for our answers.

Yoga Nidra Graduation Yogi Amrit Desai lower center and Kamini Desai to his right Yes I am in the photo..try to find me
Yoga Nidra Graduation
Yogi Amrit Desai lower centre and Kamini Desai to his right
Yes I am in the photo..try to find me


The Journey to Discover Truth…….the Inward Journey

Devanni’s been on a journey to discover truth and that path led her to Yoga. In 2006 she had an inner awakening that changed the course of her life!

Passport photo 1966, Elizabeth middle sitting on her mother's lap
Passport photo 1966, Elizabeth middle sitting on her mother’s lap

She was born July 3, 1964 as Elizabeth Quiring to a mennonite family in Mexico, her father the bishop of the church and she was one of 16 children. She has no memory of living in Mexico, she was only 2 when her family made the decision to move to Canada for a better life and more opportunities.

Elizabeth right red plaid dress
Elizabeth, left red plaid dress

“I remember it was a good life. Life filled with family and church community.  I loved being part of a large family there was always support and I never felt alone. My family was my whole life and the teachings from the bible, as they understood it was their education. My parents were very protective over their children, there was disciple when the rules were broken, they feared we would get trapped in a worldly society and leave the community…….later to discover their fears would come to fruition.

Typical meal time
Typical meal time

As a young child I always wanted to do what was right as not to be punished. I was sensitive, quiet growing up, brought to tears easily, I hated seeing someone suffer or in any kind of pain. I watched others and listened, I mostly chose friends who talked a lot as I had a hard time communicating. Fear motivated my decisions or I allowed others to make decisions for me and I followed. As I would later learn…… this is were I began people pleasing 

It was only later in life, I began to question if what I had been taught was even the truth! I was now married with 2 grown children, on the outside everything seemed wonderful but on the inside I was questioning everything. I was becoming more and more discontent with the way we were living. Our lives were so busy achieving outer success, serving the body, the image, what others wanted from us. This lifestyle was becoming destructive and our passions were leading us into addictive behaviour.  This created stress on the inside and it wasn’t the life I felt I signed up for or that my parents envisioned when they moved the family to Canada. Spirit was calling me from within. The discontentment was calling me to more…… I later learn freedom, growth and expansion come from listening to the calls from within. I began looking outside the mennonite community for answers. My spiritual journey to discover truth begins……as I would discover later it’s not about the outside or anyone else, the journey to truth is inside ourselves.

  I began making friends in the New Age community, joining book clubs were we would get together once a week and read inspiring books authored by Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and countless others. As my children were now indepentent and I had a lot of time on my hands, I became a reader. I spent 4 hours or more a day reading and being blown away at the new material I was introduced to. There were many events, meditations and workshops to attend, my heart was beginning to open. My soul was being fed, I was feeling that joy again. I now had new friends and I was exploring a community were I felt expansion. Breathworks was one event I never missed, Dehyana from Malaysia would come to the Essex County area once a year and facilitate workshops. I enjoyed this time of year because everytime I would attend one of her workshops, it expanded the entire community. In 2006 at the Holy Family Retreat House I joined 25 others for a Sacred Silent Retreat weekend with Dehyana………..I never believed transformation could happen in 3 days!


  We began Friday evening with a cleansing ceremony. I was outside the temple doors waiting for my turn to be smudged and welcomed by Dehyana and her staff. It felt Sacred, 25 of us in a large circle looking for inner transformation. The quiet child in me observed and listened all weekend, this was new to me, although I was enjoying the experience, a whole weekend of silence scared me…. I don’t know why because I was one who never spoke much anyway. There was always a shift in the environment when Dehyana came to town and this time was no different. I loved listening to her talk about her spiritual experiences, she inspired to look within for answers, to be authentic, she has a way of opening people up to bring the awareness necessary for change.

  It was the last breathworks of the weekend, 25 of us breathing the breath of Joy guided by Dehyana. I had now participated in many breathworks with Dehyana but this one was to be different. As we were being encouraged to breath together she guides us to visualize being in our mothers womb…. A vision comes to me immediately of myself floating in my mothers womb……. now visualize going through the birth canal and being born……How do we feel?……What does it look like?….. I immediately felt myself as that infant wide eyed, excited for the journey I signed up for, surrounded by brilliant colours of blue and white. I loved the sensations that came alive in my body during breathworks. Completing the breathworks all 25 of us shared our experiences…….. It wasn’t over yet! I was about to be reborn!

  We always closed the ceremony in a circle holding hands and swaying back and forth in unison and following Dehyana in singing praises to God for our experience. All of a sudden something was happening to me….my body was stiffening up and I could’t control it….. it felt uncomfortable but I didn’t want to break the circle……… and now feeling nausas …….completely stiff now I feel this intense heat and energy rush through my body…….. it started at the base of my spine and shot out through the crown of my head….it felt as if I had exploded……. it wasn’t gentle going through me…….it shook me to the core! The experience only lasted about a few minutes. I closed my eyes and when I opened them this once dimly lit room was now filled with light, I looked over at Dehyana she had a huge halo of light surrounding her. As the chanting came to an end I fell to the floor exhausted and shaking…….what had happened to me?

  Later Dehyana informed me I had a Kundalini experience. (what is Kundalini) I never heard the word kundalini before, I started searching on the internet to understand what had happened to me. Over the next few years after this experience my life went into a completely different direction. I was led from within to reach out to the yoga community and soon became a yoga teacher. My meditations became deeper and I was to have many out of body experiences and visions of Jesus coming to me……this experience would seem to have opened a porthole to another dimension. I was introduced to Yoga!”