What is Kundalini Energy or Kundalini Awakening?

img_2613Kundalini is the most powerful energy in the universe to move you towards spiritual enlightenment. Kundalini is a female (Shakti) energy coiled up like a serpent at the base of the spine. When this kundalini is awakened it’s energy rises up from the base of the spine piercing through the energy centres in the body (chakras). According to the Yogis, kundalini2“there are two nerve currents in the spinal column, called Pingala and Ida, and a hollow canal called Sushumna running through the spinal cord. At the lower end of the hollow canal there is a coiled up kundalini energy they describe it as triangular in form when that kundalini awakes, it tries to force a passage through this hollow canal, and as it rises step by step, layer after layer of the mind becomes open and all the different visions and wonderful powers come to the Yogi. When it reaches the brain, you could find yourself detached from the body and mind and the soul finds itself free”.

img_2611We all have this Kundalini energy in us but most are not aware of it, it’s asleep and waiting to be awakened. You can awaken this kundalini energy through meditation, breath exercises, yoga or by the presence or touch of an enlightened teacher.

Kundalini energy can wake up slowly over time through daily practice or it can spring up quickly like it did in my case…totally unexpected through intensive breath works and in the presence of an enlightened teacher. (click link to read about my awakening) http://inwardyoga.com/inward-journey-2/

Once awakened your life will not be the same….we still have free will and choice but you may find yourself desiring a completely different life than you once thought. I believe our desires and dreams come from God…that Divine, all knowing being that lives within us. After kundalini energy is awakened your intuition may be stronger urging you towards a spiritual life of service. When we listen to the prompting of Spirit our lives become joyful…we begin living our life on purpose….our journey to truth begins. If we resist the promptings of Spirit and stay in self defeating habits…resisting change, we live in fear expecting change to happen outside of us. Self-realization and self-discovery is a spiritual path everyone will eventually journey towards……leading us from darkness to the Light.IMG_0575